Was wondering if anyone had been experiencing any cramps and could shed some light on what mine might be! I'm on CD22 at the minute (I think 8dpo - just going on appearance of pink tinted cm), and for the past two days, although today definitely more noticeable, I've been experiencing a dull achey cramp type of pain. Hard to explain, but similar to the sensation you get the day normally before your AF is due - does anyone understand what I mean? I keep going to toilet expecting AF to show up - also feel a bi wet down there (tmi I know). Any idea what this could be?


  • could it be you are pg and implanting?
    I hear some women also have a dull ache before they get a bfp.
    Heres hoping!
  • I hope so but only first month of ttc so don't want to get hopes up too much. I'm just a bit worried that AF is on way image Although would be week early. If it is implantation - when could I do test?
  • HI
    I asked this earlier and googled it. Most of the things I read seem to say about 3-5 days after implantation - around when af is due. One lady said she got a bfp 2 days after imp.
    I read on a medical site that it is not likely you'll have any hcg in your urine until a few days after imp but then it starts doubling up every 2 days.
    Keeping tings crossed for you x
  • Me too! I'm really trying not to get my hopes up as I know I'll be so disappointed if AF turns up next week. I'm planning to hang off testing till next week. I'm off work Thursday so was thinking of doing one then - AF is expected on Thursday or Friday. I suppose it if is negative then - its not likely to be a BFP so I'll have the whole day to feel sorry for myself before going back to work on Friday! I'm so hoping it's a sign of implantation and that BFP is on way. Do you think the day before AF is due will be ok for detecting BFP?
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