A couple of ovulation questions! HELP!

I am usually very good at stopping when I am ovulating but as I have no idea about my cycle this month I am not sure.

I had a D&C 3 weeks ago so could ovulate any time.

So questions
1:- How long would ov pain usually last?
2:- In relation to the egg being released, when is the pain? So if I am in pain does that mean the egg has NOT been released yet?
3:- If you get implantaion pain how long would that last?

I am really hoping this is not ovualtion pain as OH is away till late tomorrow night and we have not bd'd since thursday :\(

Thanks in advance


  • hi i got ov pain as the egg was being released. we had sex the night before so they must have been hanging about waiting patiently. the pains i get usually on last an hour or so at the most. have never had implantation pain so no answer for that one! x
  • Hiya this is the first month ttc for me and got a +ve on OPks on sat and it's stayed high so far. have been getting intense cramps more so on left side since sat eve on and off. Lessening up now tho. Sorry can't be more helpful.
    Good luck xx
  • Thanks girls.

    I have had pain on my left side now for 24 hours. I dont think it was ever sore for this long before but maybe its the D&C making things worse :roll:

  • Hi baby love, I get ov pains for about 5 days leading up to ov.Its weird though cos they are always on one side. I went to the docs and had scans and everything was fine - its just me! I think everyone is different!
  • Oh samsa I hope that means OH might get home in time :lol:

    Im still quite achey on the one side and the pain is going into the top of my leg too.
  • fingers crossed tomorrow will be ok too! They do say anyway that sperm can live up to 5-7 days in good conditions. You never know! Good luck for tomorrow! x
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