anyone had bfn followed by bfp?

Just wondered if any of you ladies have had a bfn followed by bfp?

I guess I am just wondering as I am being really hopeful. Friend of mine said it has happend to her.

I am late (just a day) so have taken a cheepie test but had bfn. Got a SD test but saving it, and also scared it will be negative.
Has any of you used cheep ebay tests and how good are they, or am I just not pg..

I have cramps as if AF is coming, and my (.)(.) are really really sore...

Anyone..thoughts pls?



  • hey with my first pregnancy i had this and this one aswell! had a bfn on wed and got my bfp today.
    fingers crossed for you image
  • Can I ask how many days late you were when you got the bfn and then the bfp?
  • Congratulations ladies!
    May I ask how early did you test first time? I am just hoping it might be too early, but then some ladies on here have been getting bfps from 9DPO.
    Thanks, some baby dust my way pleseimage

  • Hi naturelle I am in the same boat as you I am a day late but did test on Friday which was bfn used a first response in the morning although not fmu don't want to do another test cause I don't think I can take another bout of depression once I see another bfn which I am thinking it will be as lots of people get bfp earlier with fr so.....
  • I was 1 day late with my first and got BFN in the morning, fell over in the evening and went to hospital, then got BFP 5 days later when I got back home.

    I did 2 tests this week BFN but still no AF so am saving clearblue for the end of the week if still no sign fingers crossed for you
  • charlamine I know what you mean it is just awful getting that bfn, hold on sa much as you can..Not knowing is awful though!

    I woke up in the middle of the night, my (.)(.) feel really full, and spongy, really different, sorry about TMI. I am gonna try and wait till tomorrow if no AF.

    30smoething, thanks for your reply, good luck to you, try and hold on, it could be like a first time round for you, well no falling this time!

    Hope we can all move to Due in March very soon
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