vvvvfaint line on ebay cheapie?

for the last 2 days i've used my FMU and after about 1 minute a very very very faint line appears! did a test the night before and there was something there but yesterdays was definatly more noticable! dont know what to think. my oh had a look at yesterdays and said it was clearer than the day before! done another this morn and its defo still there but still very very faint - it catches your eye when u look at the white strip but is so pale! how good are the ebay tests xxx

dont want to get my hopes up too much! xx


  • ooooooooo sounds good hunn, maybe go out and buy an fr or cbd? xxxx
  • hey hunni! I was the same yesterday, im due af on friday but did two asdas own test yesterday and i could just make out a very faint line, iv got no more tests left so need to go out and buy some more! My hubby could make the line out too but i dont wanna get my hopes up either as the line was so faint! Let me know how you get on! X x x good luck to us both
  • I used an Amazon cheapie the night before I got my BFP on a Superdrug test. I did the cheapie and thought there was no line there, but when I checked it again an hour or so later there was a very, very, very faint line there. I was too scared to believe it as it was so faint but then the next morning I used the Superdrug with FMU and the line came up straight away! Go and get a Superdrug test hun!!!! xx
  • on the ebay cheapie, i was 6weeks before it came up pos so sounds hopful. i had my bfp week and half earlier on fr.
  • its so hard not to get ma hopes up! i keep looking at the test! i know thats i shouldnt read it after ten mins but it hasnt changed at all so cant help it! xxx
  • sounds promising.............how many dpo are u
  • my period is either due today or thurs depending on my cycle length. just thought the line would be stronger than it is but i suppose its only a cheapy test!
  • i would go and invest in a fr or sd test for the morning, good luck hun xx
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