CD9 anyone with me, how often are you bd'ing?


I am on cd9, we have bd'd cd 6 and 8 so far this cycle. I usually ovulate cd11. I was thinking whether this month we should bd days 9,10 and 11 and possibly 13 (or maybe 12 as well I don't know?). I know you should bd every other day but I get so worried I'll miss the window. I suppose it's a bit like the smep so maybe it'll work?

Anyway is anyone else around the same time as me in their cycle? How often are you bd'ing?

Also my sister has just come off the progesterone only pill as she wants a baby now, she is on cd 36 and had some brown spotting a week ago but no full period, any ideas? I've never been on that pill so not sure how long it takes your body to get back to normal. I hope she's pg! Aw.

Good luck everyone! Babydust to you all!


  • We BD everyother day for the whole month - and I figure there will always be swimmers there ready and waiting for OV - so no windows should be missed : )

    Good luck xx
  • hi im on cd 14 and have bd every 3 or 4 days as the little swimmers should last up to 5 days anyway. how long is your cycle usually? mine was 28 days in dec but 35 days in jan so i hope ive caught it this month.

    try not to bd every day because it weakens the sperm apparently.

    good luck xxxx
  • My cycle is only 25 days which is why I think I panic as I ovulate on day 11 usually so it doesn't give me as much time before ov than I would like.
    I'll try and bd tomorrow instead then.

    I'm fastly approaching 35 years old so I think panic is setting in, lots of ladies get pregnant after 35 though so have to keep my pma up!
    Good luck and hope everyone has pma and a bfp this month!
  • Good luck to you too! when are you testing? my af is due 22nd feb so fingers crossed. xxxx
  • I'm on CD9 and I have a 25 day cycle too! I ovulate on CD12 so I know what you mean about not having much time before ov, especially as I have long periods! It doesn't help that my husband is a shift-worker and is always on night-shift when I'm fertile. Good luck this cycle image
  • Hi Hun, am on CD10, bedded the last few nights, but will only bed CD10, CD13 and CD16 as I OV usually CD16-18. We'e using Preseed this month, so fingers crossed! Good luck chook! x
  • Hi hun im on cd 14 we bd on cd's 6, 8,11,13 and today. Got positive opk last evening and this afternoon so fingers crossed but i havent had any ewcm so if we dont concieve this month i am defo getting preseed for next cycle. Good luck x
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