well as a poas addict and only about 5 days after ov if i even did ov. i have used a preg test today and it was neg image so i now have 2 first response tests in the cupboard though not early results as i didnt know there was a difference!!!! and today in tesco their own brand was ??3.60 for a double pack. so i bought them too. also have about 15 ebay ones to use and 2 from the pound shop. and this is me taking it casual :lol: no symptoms and im now into my 1ww. was exhausted today and took my 7 month old to bed for an hour this afternoon, which i have never done before. and my boobs tingled for all of 10 secs earlier.
does anyone know the sensitivity of the tesco tests and the normal 1st response tests? i know there was a post on here about a month ago but i though i had saved it to faves but turns out i aint.


  • hi hun. i have poas using the first response normal one and to me they are the least sensitive out of the 3 brands ive used and got my faint bfps.

    for me clear blue plus (the normal test) was the most sensitive (or clearest line should i say) and then asdas own brand (same as tesco?) first response have been the faintest of faintest lines ever!

    id get the early response one if u can xx
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