First month on CBFM and CD21 low :-(

Hi All

I would love to hear from other ladies who might be in a similar situation to me. I came off the pill 13 months ago and my cycles have been really up the spout ever since. The first one was 126 days! My last three were 41, 42 and 30 days and I have been taking Agnus Castus for two months.

Last month I had the day 21 blood test and was told the results suggested that I ovulated. I certainly felt like I did and noticed EWCM etc. So I started using the CBFM this cycle. But I am now on CD21 and the monitor is still showing low readings. I'm definitely using it right but finding it really soul-destroying seeing "low" every morning! I did have a small amount of EWCM on Sunday and on Monday but nothing now. I just wondered if this had happened to anyone else?

Also, I thought maybe, if this cycle was 30 days like my last one, I would have AF in a couple of weeks, when we are due to go away, for a beer festival of all things! We have really cut down on drinking (i.e. haven't really drunk much at all since the new year apart from on two weekends). But now I don't know if I should partake or not as goodness knows where my cycle is at.

Anyway -- are there any other CBFM users who have still got a low this far into the cycle? I am worried now and also SO annoyed because I feel the pill has totally messed my body up. My cycles were like clockwork previously image


  • Hi HUn,

    I am a great fan of the CBFM and firmly feel that you have to believe in it image

    Just a couple of questions; Are you using FMU every time you test? Also, have you only ever had highs? Do you know how long your LP is?

    On my last cycle (which gave me my current BFP) I didn't have my first peak until CD25 and before then I had had quite regular cycles.

    Don't worry hun, it will work

  • Hi, thanks for the reply.

    Sorry to be dim, but what is FMU?

    I have not had any highs, only lows (this is what I am worried about). From my last cycle I think my LP was about 12 days which I am guessing is OK (I read that you needed it to be at least 10 days to support a pregnancy.

  • You're not dim hun! FMU is first morning urine, they ask you to use this as it's the most concentrated and therefore the most accurate.

    If you've only had lows, it might be that there is a small surge and so the CBFM hasn't picked it up so you might find that you go straight to a peak, or it maybe that this cycle is going to be longer again.

    If you have a 12 dat LP, it could again suggest that this cycle is going to be longer. I know it's not great news but I'm not sure what else to advise.

  • Thanks for the reply - yes, FMU is what I am using. Maybe I was overly ambitious thinking that because my last cycle was so short, (well - 30 days is short compared to lately) this would be too...
    What happens if you go through 20 sticks and do not get any highs or peaks?
  • Thanks Littlewolf, I appreciate your reply image x
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