Think the hag has found me again!!!!!!

Oh No!!!!! Been having cramps on and off again for the past few days. Just come back from the hairdressers and while I was sat in the chair I felt pain in my stomach for a few seconds, it feels like I am on AF but without the physical thing at the min -GRRRRRRRR so not fair

My boobs have started to hurt this morning so I reckon she is closing in on me!!!!!

Oh well nevermind, PMA and all that image

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  • PMA coming your way!xx
  • Here is some PMA *******

    Though you have not actually come on yet honey so you never know it's not over yet!!!!

    I am due on tomorrow and have had such bad pains today not I am having one behind my belly button image

    K xx
  • Yeah I know I was going to test on the 3rd July so if I haven't come on by then I will def do one. I am just so used to building my hopes up each cycle and then coming down to earth with a big bang...... I know it's AF deep down. I just told my hubby that I think I am coming on and he sounded so down when I told him. Iwould love to say hey guess what babe, were pregnant!!!!! I just can't see it happening soon.I'm not depressed about it, just used to it
    Hope you get your BFP soon, not had the belly button pain before so can't advise on that but sounds promising. Good luck, (sprinkles babydust over your head) xxx
  • it isn't over yet hun. i was convinced AF was coming when i got bfp a couple of months ago as i had pains, (even though i don't usually get pains until full flow).
    good luck hun lots of PMA xx
  • Well I was right. AF decided to show up yesterday. I feel so down and fed up. I am so happy for everyone who's just got their BFP but I feel like this is NEVER going to happen. I have to face the fact that I may never have children, sorry for the rant but I don't know what else to do.

    Me and hubby have an appointment at the hospital this Friday - he's due to get his 2nd sperm test result and I know that I am going to be put forward for IVF because they said that if it's still low then that's the next step.I don't know what to do.
  • I know it's hard but try and stay positive. Think of it as a new chapter on your ttc journey. If IVF is the next step then maybe this step is the one that will get you your BFP. Never give up hope, and don't forget we are always here if you need to chat. Take care keep us posted, sending you lots of pma and baby dust.

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