Really disappointed

Hi Ladies

This is the first time I have posted in here, but have been hanging in the background for a while.

This is our first month of ttc our 2nd child (dd is nearly 22mths) and for some stupid reason I'd convinced myself that we had done it the first month and that I was pregnant (fell pregnant first month of trying with dd). Well i poas yesterday and got a BFN. I was so gutted. I can't help but feel like we're never going to have another baby which is so silly as we've only been trying 1 month.

So sorry for the moan ladies, just needed to get this off my chest as hubby doesn't understand why I'm so disappointed.


  • men dont understand hun and we all feel the same that it should happen now (stamps feet) lol..... better luck next month lots of baby dust xxx
  • hey. i can totally emphasise with how you feel. we are brought up that its soooo easy and when it comes to it it really isnt. we are into our second month ttc but i too convinced myself we had done it in the first month. maybe you have tested too early? good luck x
  • Thanks ladies.

    My cycles are roughly 32 days and yesterday when I tested I was on CD27. I think I ovulated around Cd16. Do you think I should do another test in a few days in AF still hasn't arrived?
  • there is defo still hope, if i was you i would try and wait another few days and defo test again if af doesnt show
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