To SS or not to SS....that is the question.

Well ladies,

I have no idea when or even IF i OV'ed this month, never got a peak on my CBFM!!!

I am having achy legs, aching lower back, funny sensation just above my lady bits, aching hips and quite tired.

I am ill but i only have a bad cough so not sure. I was tempted to do a HPT Xmas day which i know will be a BFN but it would be good if it was a BFP!!!

I just don't want to test this month and i have never felt like that before so i feel i HAVE to POAS :lol:



  • SS definitely SS! Good luck sweetie! xxx
  • Tink, those symptoms sound good. I really hope it is your month.

    I hate SSing but I do it anyway... LOL

  • Hi ladies, I hope that it is your month this month too. I'm getting loads of symptoms too, back ache, headache, stabbing pains in lady bits, and really moody, very short tempered. lol. My poor OH! I'm about 5 DPO so is a not a bit early to start having symptoms?? xx
  • Those symptoms are sounding VERY positive !!

    Expecially the sensation above your lady bit's, my friend has just had a baby girl, born a week ago and she said the first symptom was a strange sensation above her lady bit's !!

    Finger's crossed for you !!

  • Nah, 5dpo isn't too early! Am 4dpo and already have sore bbs and tummy cramps, also stuffy nose in the morning! Its what keeps you going through the 2ww! lol! xxx
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