When will i feel pregnant?

Hi ladies

got my BFP on monday but i feel no different at all.

even though i've done 6 pregnancy test all positive i'm now stressing that i've made a mistake as i have no symptoms and feel no different.

can anyone tell me if they've had the same and when they started to feel pregnant

thanks xxxx


  • My friend at work is 18 weeks pregnant and the 1st time she felt pregnant was when she felt the baby move... even when she had her scan she felt no different - you are pregnant so just enjoy it xxx
  • with my 1st baby never had any morning sickness or sore bbs. Never felt pregnant til i got my bump which wasn't til 16 weeks oh and when i had the scan.
    Hang in there hun, theres till time for the nausea and other symptoms to kick in.
    Filo x
  • Hiya, I know how you are feeling, i am the same, still think i have made a mistake, i have no sickness really, my bbs are a bit sore, but then i think im imagining it. I am 7+4 weeks.
    You will be fine though, you might very lucky and not have anything.
    good luck
    amber xxxx
  • Make the most of it because If and when you get morning sickness you'll wish you havent. Dont worry you're definatly pregnant so enjoy. How far gone are you? x
  • i think i am 5+2 but going to docs next fri.
    i know its very early but just want some sort of symptom to show i'm not going nuts x
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