Def BFP now! How are you littlep?

I am more confident to say I am pregnant than I was a few days ago as my af is due and still BFP's. Was worried about having another chem pregnancy but this time I feel different - did not have many symptoms until about 12 dpo when I had 1st + test. Now have many more symptoms - so happy to say i have finally in month 5 ttc got my BFP!!

Sticky babydust to everyone!
Thanks to everyone who provided PMA and advice when much needed!
Rachel x


  • Oh congratulations RachC, wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months I'm so pleased for you. xx

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  • thats wonderful news, congratulations!
  • Yeah! congratulations RachC. So happy for you!! have you been to the doctors yet? How are you feeling?
    i am tired with sick feeling most of day! Today i have sore boobs as well. i see can't believe it!!xx
  • Thanks everyone. I will book doctor tomorrow - I still can't believe it either as still worried but positive. I have been tired, feeling yucky not too sick, funny taste in mouth and really thirsty and for the past 2 days really sore boobs!!
    Have you booked docs? Really happy for you and keep in touch,
    Rach x
  • Thanks. yes been to doctors who did not test. I am waiting for my letter to take to the hospital on monday to get a MW appointment. I can't wait to have a scan to see how it all is. i am worried that I am getting too excited and I maybe disappointed. At the same time I have had to speak to work to change my role.
    Let me know how it went at the doctors and when your due date will be. We must be around the same time!! x
  • How exciting, not really sure what to expect from the doctor's! Will let you know how I get on - it seems like it will be such a long wait to scan. From pregnancy calanders it looks like due date will be around 18th March which will be a lovely birthday present for me!
    When was your af due?
  • 2 days ago! Still so early! yours? I am due on 13th March
  • It could be any time from yesterday to tuesday as cycles been betwen 26-29 days. However, I used ovulation tests and ovulated early so now i am 15dpo normally get af on 13-14dpo. Still early which is why I am anxious but feel different this month and dont feel af coming on.
  • how long have you been ttc? did you do anything different this month? what tests ahve you used?
  • Trying for 5months - first month had chem pregnancy. The past couple of months I used the ov. tests and bd more then, legs raised after bd, not drinking alcohol except when i got af! Nothing else different.
    I have used loads of tests - a bit obsessed! Started with ebay strips which got darker each day, used normal CB and CBD and tesco own brand all clear positives.
    How long have you been ttc? How many tests have you done.
  • 2 months. 4 tests. will do another this afternoon!! crazy aren't I!! What did OH say? has he excepted it? x
  • Not crazy I am just the same - seems to be morning routine at the mo 'wake up, POAS!'.
    We are thrilled but trying not to get too excited until way past af due date (hard not to think ahead tho!)
  • Really hard. how will I be able to contain myself to the scan date?!!
    My OH is exited but keeping cool about it. i guess its easier for him as his body is not changing!
    have you been out yet where you had to avoid booze?x
  • Had friends round last night but I had non alcoholic beer (dont even normally drink beer!) then had lemonade which i pretended had vodka! They probably wondered why I was hadling my drink so well!
    It will be tricky on nights out tho as often used the 'im driving' excuse when ttc! Have you had to make any excuses yet?
    Looking forward to booking docs appointment just hope they give good advice and get the ball rolling!
  • really happy for you xx lots of sticky baby dust to all x
  • At work I have given lots of escuses hence why I have asked to move roles. I just say I am driving. today i really want a cocktail!!
    I am sure the doctor will be fine. Are you in London? be interesting to see how different doctors respond. keep me posted x
  • congrats hun....have a happy 9 mths
  • Congratulations - hope you have a happy healthy 9mths xx
  • Congratulations hun! image xxx
  • Congratulations, hope you have a H&H pregnancy.
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