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  • tink chick we all have different comments and feel differently about things,we all cant agree on everything

    bit of diversity thats all

    the thing with a public forum is people can say what they like weither you like it or not you just have to take the good with the bad

    once the post goes it will all be forgotten about and things will carry on
  • Oh hunny, Tink, I am sitting here crying because of all your posts this is the only one that ever made me anything else but smile...not because I thought they were stupid, offensive or anything like that but because I liked your honesty and curiosity

    please don't go

    ...not trying to change your mind but I will miss you so so much :cry:
    for me you will still be the queen of BE

    Love you
  • Aww Tink hun, don't leave us! Who will be my baby sister now? :cry:

    I agree with the other girls, especially WombatGirl... You ask the questions or have the rants that we all want to have but daren't!!

    I will miss you loads babe, if you really are leaving us drop me a mail through here and I will add you on FB. I want to be able to congratulate you on your BFP - it will soon be your turn... I really don't want you to go though and the forum wont be the same without you :\(

    Everyone will always have different opinions on everything and if we all thought the same and agreed on everything this would be 1 bloody boring place!

    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: xxxx
  • tbh i thik if you actually meant that you would have just left without making a huge fuss. saying that i agreed with your comment about the cosmo thing. how ridiculous to suggest that people using sticks etc didnt actually just try having sex first!
  • Tink, my names sam too! Don't you dare leave, who is going to cause the drama which makes me smile and get through my 12hour shifts now? We all know your a lover not a fighter, So change your name back and don't apoligise for being you!!:roll:

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