Hi girls

I am on my second real AF since coming off the pill. Last month I bleed on and off for 6 days and this month has been the same. I bleed v v heavy for 4 days and then just stopped and then I did a work out vid yesterday and it started me off bleeding again? Now it looks as if I have finished though I am worried it will only start again?

How long did it take you girls once you were off the pill for your real AF to settle down? I don;t mean how long it took it you to have your first AF just once you have it how long did it take to settle down.

K xx


  • Hi

    Mine still hasn't settled down. Have had 3 Af's since coming off pill 8 months ago and they are very irregular lengths. Also, like you, I bleed for a few days, have a days break and then start again - v. annoying!
    Have been on the pill for 13 years on and off so I think this is probably to blame.

    Before I conceived my lo 4 years ago, I used to bleed for 2 days, have 2 day break, bleed again, another 2 day break and then the same again - at least I have improved from that!!
  • Mine went back straight away, dunno why, was gonna try Angus catus as its herbal if it didnt regulate as it worked for a few of my friends. But dr told me it could take 6 months to reguate.
  • Hi this is my first post.
    I'm still waiting for my first propper AF after the pill (microginon) i've been waiting 6 weeks so far hopeing things start soon, the only time i've been really desperate fro my AF to start!!!!!
  • Hi girls thank you very much I guess it is just coming off the pill. rfran I really hope you get your AF soon so that you can start TTC. Have you taken a test? Was you trying right after you stopped the pill?

    K xx
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