Ovulation after ERPC..Any clues?

I had an ERPC after an MMC on 31st May...how do I know when i'm sposed to be ovulating? I have no ideas. I've always had a 28day cycle before


  • Hi there SarahG80,

    I too had a mmc & a erpc on May 20th, when I got all the info from the hospital they said that af should start 3-6 weeks after erpc & that i might ovulate before that. But i don't think that you can use ov sticks as they won't give you a clear reading due to the pg hormone that may still be in your body. I think i might have ov a couple of days ago as i was having ov pains but can't be sure.

    Sorry i'm not really of any help....are you wanting to know to start ttc straight away? My oh wants us to wait til after my 1st af but i'd like to start straight away & we did actually bd when i thought i was ov a couple of days ago.....so we'll wait & see.

    Think it's a matter of bd every few days if you want to start ttc now or just wait til 1st af.

    Sorry...feel like have been rambling!! Hope that makes sense! Take care. Nat xxx
  • I was just interested...although I would love to start trying asap my OH wants to wait after one AF. Can you still get pg even if your HCG levels aren't back to 0?
  • Hi Sarah,

    I had mmc sometime between 7 & 8 weeks. Then natural mc at 9 weeks ( on Monday) so I too am wondering when I will ov (although still bleeding at the mo so I know it won't be for a while)

    Have done lots of reading on web and apparently you can't ov until hcg levels are right down as they supress the release of ov hormones. So I am going to keep doing pg tests and start bding as soon as I get a neg. Hope that helps. xx
  • hey hun

    i've been wondering the same. i had a fair bit of EWCM last weekend which was 16 days after ERPC... no idea if it was ov or not though. guess we'll see next weekend....

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