Gone off alcohol...Updated!

Tried drinking a glass of wine and it was usual bottle and could'nt drink it...

Its only CD17, i have ov'd im quite sure, but god knows why I couldn't drink it!!

Anyone else any experiences?

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  • not really had a similar experience but maybe it is your body trying to tell you something image fingers crossed!! xxx
  • Dare I hope so...
  • hi em1983

    thst happened to me last month just went off wine and chocolate. try not to get hopes up may just be hormones

    i will keep my fingers crossed for you hun

  • I must say that I've really gone off the wine and booze too! CD24 now...

    Nipped out to the pub for a post work drink earlier, and thought I'd just treat myself to one drink as not sure either way if I'm pg yet - but it seemed to give me tummyache, and I couldn't finish even one small glass of wine, tasted yuck!

    Very odd cos I'm normally known to be a bit of a wine animal! But could be my conscience making me think it was bad for me more than any thing else I suppose...!

    Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you this month too!
    Iz x
  • Well its was Ernest Gallio - White Zinfadel (grenache is my fave), maybe just a dodgy bottle, who know's? Or my stupid hormones!

    However I feel like crap this morning??? I only took one sip of that glass. How odd?

    I'll get another try tonight off out for a meal, may try small glass then... If however I cant drink it again, Im happy as Its doing me know harm laying it off it!!!

    Thanks Girlies. x
  • Hi,

    when pg with my lo I could put the glass to my lips, but the smell and the slightest taste really made me feel ill. This started early on as well. I also went off tea and coffee and went nuts for apple juice. I'd drink at least a large cartoon a day!

    It could be a symptom for you and I really hope it is not your hormones playing up.
  • Hi, this happened to me in last pregnancy. Went out for a meal fully intending to get merry but then couldn't even stomach one glass!! Lo and behold week later i got bfp!!
    Fingers crossed for you xx
  • you never know, good luck hope you get your BFP xxx
  • well last night same happened, couldn't sniff it never mind drink it...

    So who know's, might get my bfp soon...
  • Oooh good luck hopefully you get your bfp real soon.
  • Fingers crossed for you!

    A couple of years ago we went away for hubby's birthday. If I drank anything I was sick so stopped bothering. I wasn't pg, no idea why it happened, but ever since I've not been able to drink anywhere near as much as I used to image
  • This happened to me like 1 hour ago with a cider.

    I remember it happened to me in 2009 I couldn't even have a sip.. unfortunately I misscarried.

    2010 it happened again and turned out I was pregnant to my now 5year old. I also have a 10mon then old but I stopped drinking so didn't happen with him.

    Now ttc again and I definitely feel pregnant but too soon  to tell, now today I couldn't drink my drink which was weird.. fingers crossed I'm pregnant and didn't waste my drink for nothing haha :)

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