Fed up

Sorry to start the morning so miserably but I just feel so fed up!! Started spotting yesterday so expect AF today which takes us into month 4 ttc. I know this isn't long compared to some people but we now only have May and June left ttc before OH goes away for 6 months. I am going to miss him so much and we want a baby like yesterday, I just don't want him to go :cry: x

PMA please for May? x


  • Oh day dreamer - so sorry AF seems to have got you. And that's so sad that you and OH are going to be apart for 6 months.
    Fingers crossed May/June is your time and then by the time your OH gets back he will be able to feel his baby kicking. xx
  • Aw hun, sorry to hear you are feeling down. I know how frustarting it is when it doesn't happen quickly (on cycle 5, month 7) and it must be especially hard knowing trying to do it within a certain time. Have some of my PMA and keep fending the witch off xx
  • Sorry shes arriving, sending you loads of PMA.xxx
  • Thanks girls, I'm going to give it everything I've got this month its just hard not to feel like its never going to happen! x
  • oh honey so sorry the witch is arriving, hopefully she wont unpack and its just implantation bleed!!

    Keep ur chin up and go full hog next month give hubby something to smile about when he's away!!!
  • Sorry you are feeling so upset, I've got my fingers crossed for you to get your bfp before oh goes away.
    Try to enjoy the next 2 months together as much as you can and although it's easier said than done don't get too stressed about ttc.
    Bucket loads of pma on its way to you

  • I so wish it was implantation but I was due about this time anyway and I poas on Sunday and got a BFN!

    We're not married yet, 6 and a half weeks to go, so fingers crossed we have more luck this month! x
  • I hope you get your bfp soon hun and good luck with the wedding. xx
  • Chin up poppet. It will happen. Loads of PMA to you. x
  • Thanks for your replies, I hope all the PMA works! I don't post much as it seems alot of people have 'friends' on here and are already in little groups so its lovely that when I do people reply. I will go home with a bit more positivity and start this month afresh! Thanks again x
  • Lots of PMA coming your way. Goodluck with the wedding and hope you get your BFP in May or June. Goodluck hun.
  • iam so sorry your feeling down and i bets its worse that your oh is going to be away for 6 months,my oh works away mon-fri and i miss him heaps,cant imagine how i would feel if he was away for 6 months. i will keep everything crossed for you and hope you get your bfp very soon and iam mustering up all the pma i can and sending it to you

  • Thanks for all the PMA I am already feeling much better!! CD1 today so things can only get better!! Fingers crossed for BFP's in May! x
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