Early symptoms need some advice please....!Spotting etc....

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I POAS on CD 27 (cycles normally 28-32, I know I should have waited!!!). OV was around CD19/20.

Had a faint line first time, second time and a vv faint line third time (this morning, now CD 31.

Had some spotting after wee (sorry for tmi) CD28ish. This morning after vv faint second line I had some brown blood discharge. It all points to AF to be honest but maybe I just don't want to give up hope just yet....! Used a pad and nothing since then only when I wipe (once again so sorry tmi!) but this afternoon more watery light coloured!?!?!?

Anyone experienced something similar??

i dont want to think it but i think its another chemical pregnancy.....
Thanks for any advice!


  • i have no clue hun! sounds good, but u got a BFN? so im confused too! maybe leave it a couple of days and test again? sorry im not much help, just didnt want to r+r xxxxxxx
  • I had 3 BFP's vv faint though but def second lines....xx
  • What is a chemical pregnancy? Sorry I'm no help but I've been having symptoms and had a negative test x
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