just had my 2nd acupuncture!

just had my 2nd acupuncture, it was cool! As well as acupuncture i had moxibustion where the doctor held this burning cigar type thing over certain points and also a medicinal massage to warm my 'qi' and improve circulation and also a reflexology massage! He also showed me the points on my foot and ankle where i should massage every day - they are the pressure points for the uterus and kidney. It is really exciting to feel i'm doing something positive and i feel really relaxed but energised after it. If anyone's considering having acupuncture i'd definitely recommend it! image


  • Glad you enjoyed it Moomin. I am seriously considering it if I dont get my bfp this time. My cycle is regular though so I am not sure if they would be able to help but I think I shall inquire.
    Hope it helps you get your bfp.xx
  • Thats fab news babe I am so pleased I will have everything crossed for you for your BFP image

  • That sounds amazing! I have looked up one in my area and going to book an app this month if i have no luck, ive been ttc for 7 mths now with no luck.I have reg cycles, do u think it will still help me?? good luck to you xxx
  • That's great Moomin. I'm having it too and have had the moxibustion - it is amazing stuff - so warming! It is so energising and i really enjoy it now. My next session is in 2 weeks and I'm really looking forward to it. Hope you get your BFP soon. xxx
  • Hi Mrs Poppet. What is moxibustion?xxx
  • Hi Moonin

    I've booked my first acupunture appt for this friday........could you tell me a bit about what they actually do to you?! Where exactly do they put their needles?

    I'm not worried at all, infact although the witch got me today i'm pretty pleased about it because after 2 mc's in 9 months, i'm starting to get my body back to normal, and i'm hoping the acupunture will be the icing on the cake!


  • hey ladies

    Hjanea & Mrsalston, i think acupuncture still has a good success rate for boosting fertility even if your cycles are regular. My practitioner is treating me first for my erratic cycles and then once that is sorted he said he can also treat me to boost my fertility so it must be slightly different I suppose.

    mrsalston, moxibustion is burning mugwort herb to warm regions and acupuncture points to stimulate circulation and induce a smoother flow of blood and qi. In particular it stimulates blood-flow in the pelvic area and uterus.

    Nooniem, I'm so sorry to hear you've suffered 2 miscarriages, that must be devestating. I'm not sure if acupuncture is the same for everyone, but for me i have needles down the centre of my tummy, pretty much from just below the bra to the pants and then down each leg and each arm (only a few in the arms) and one in the top of my head. They really don't hurt at all - as in less than a pin prick! They tap them in and then twist them until they feel tension which you might notice as you can feel a dull ache sometimes. They they just leave me there in a dark quiet room for about 20 minutes. Then he comes back takes them out and then i have the medicinal massage. (not sure it will be the same though as i say).

    Mrspoppet, hope you get your bfp soon too! Well all of you come to that!! xxx
  • Hi moomin
    Thankyou for that explanation,if i dont get my BFP this month im def going to give it a try.Sounds interesting.

    hope it works for everyone!!xx
  • Hi Moomin

    Thank you for the info!! i am really looking forward to it, so i'll make sure i let you know how it went....

    Good luck to everyone, and fingers crossed that we all get a step further to getting our BFP's, and healthy pg's

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