Did we bd too late!

May be a really stupid question but I was away with the family for a few days and bd'ing was out of the question as bed was very squeaky and walls were paper thin :roll: So OH and I bd'd last night but this was at least 24 hours after OV. Were we too late? DIdn't bd at all last week as OH was on nights.


  • Was it after ov pains or positive on ov sticks?
  • positive on ov sticks
  • That should still be ok hun, fingers crossed for you xx
  • Oh well you might be ok then as these show the lutenising hormone surge which apparently is anything from 12-48 hours before ov. So even if you oved 12 hours after th positive the egg is supposed to live 12-24 hours so you should have had enough time to be in with a chance. Hope so, good luck!!xx
  • Thanks will keep my fingers crossed. If unlucky this month I'll be on holiday during my fertile week next month so we'll need to go all out for a BFP. My husband works shifts and they seem to be working against us at the minute - lots of lates and night shifts at the wrong time!!
  • You'll have to become morning bders!!
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