Sore nipples...!

OMG - this is mt first cycle off pill. I THINK I ov on Sat. Well, I had pos on opk and lots of cm but as I suspect I have PCOS I am trying not to get my hopes up. If BBT has risen tomor I will be so happy.

Anyway, just had to say that my nipples hurt SOOOOO much today!! Can't believe how sore they are! Am hoping this is another positive ov sign. Has anyone else experience this?!


  • I just posted exact same - does sore nipples = ov??

    Mine are well sore and i think im ov'ing now on cd22 (but my cycles are bout34/35)
  • How funny - just refreshed page and saw your post - identical to mine!!!
  • Hi Baby B,

    I came off the pill in Feb and in March my nipples were agony! I couldnt bare when I got out of the shower for the towel to touch em. I had AF on CD36, you are highly fertile when you have come off the pill so you never know?! keep fingers crossed :\) X
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