fao cass82

hi hun, not spoken for a while, just wandered how you are. have you ov'd yet.xxxxxxxxxx


  • OMG! I have my own post! Woohoo! lol!

    Not OV'd yet - I don't think anyway! Was so tired when I got back from work today that I forgot to POAS and wasted all my wee! Damnit! Haha! Will try to save some for a few hours. On CD13, so have been happily bd'ing.

    Hows about you lovely, has AF left you both be yet? xxx
  • yeah finally left on wednesday so we back on track now. im not sure what day im on coz im not counting. feel very laid back this motnh.lol.xxxx
  • If we don't do it this month, will definitely go easy next month. Been drinking loads of grapefruit juice and I have my cough mixture at the ready lol!

    Fingers crossed that your no stress month will give you a valentines bfp hun. Just don't be so laid back that you forget to bd! lol!

    Can you believe all that stuff going on!? xxx
  • i know, you know i think i will just stay away from any debate" posts they just seem to coz trouble. i come on here to make myself feel better and speak to people abouttc coz nobody knows we are trying.

    well im laid back as in no opks and loose smep.lol. but im still drinking my grapefruit juice and started taking my cough mixture this morning. lol.xxx
  • Yeah, know what you mean, your post made my day!

    Ooh, didn't think I could take the cough mixture so early, will take some tonight. The things we do for a bean!

    Tried putting your legs in the air yet? I fell asleep like that last night, lol! Had cramps in my legs when I woke up - tee hee! xxx

    :lol: :lol:
  • i wasnt sure when to start some sites said to start at cd1 and take it up to ov but i think i must be about cd7-9 so thought i would start now. just taking 2 spoonfuls a day. not sure if im too early or not.xxxx

    i was putting legs in air but too uncomfy.lol. so just put a pillow under my bum now.ha.xxx
  • I will take some tonight then!

    Ha ha! God I couldn't keep my legs up in the air on their own, pillow under the bum every time, thats hubbys job after - apart from the obvious! xxx
  • lol. hubby usually demands i get my legs in the air after.lol. although this month we are not talking bby making. im not even going to tell him when i think im ovulating. i want it to be a surrise if i do get my bfp coz im going to tell him on valentines.xxxxxxxx
  • Ahh, that would be a lovely idea hun. I'm seriously crap at surprises, so I could never do that! lol! xxx
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