feeling a bit fed up

i cant belive it, my OH has said that after i have had my operation on tuesday which is also when my 1st af after mc is due he dont wanna ttc because he dont wana c me so heartbroken again. i which case we will neve be able to ttc because it wll always be a risk. i wonder if this is the truth or he has just decided he dosnt want a baby anymore, in which case i just wish he would be honest with me. now i am in two minds if to bother having the laparoscopy and hysteroscopy because if were not planning to have a baby then what is the point in putting mysef thru it!!
sorry for the rant girls, im sure he means well but im just fustrated!!!
hope ur all well xxx


  • aww, love. I'm sure he still wants to TTC, he's just worried about you, and himself to I'd imagine.

    Doe she just want to wait a few cycles? *hugs*
  • its just fustrating, we had been trying for 9 months and had two mc i no im sounding selfish im just feeling like it has all been a waste of time. he dosnt talk about his feelings either which makes things so much more difficult!!
  • It does sound as though he has both your feelings at heart- take one step at a time. Have the op, see how get on and take it from there but I would imagine he will change his mind in time
    Good luck x
  • You're not sounding selfish! 9 months is a substancial about of time to do anything and of course you're going to get frustrated that it seems endless/waste of time.

    It's not though, promise. I'd have the tests to, it'll put your mind at rest in th elong run. Chin up, xx
  • Hi sally,

    Your definately not sounding selfish, Id go ahead with the operation. It might just be his way of coping and that he might be worried and nervous about the whole situation.

    I think he's looking out for you.

    My hubby has been so negative about this whole TTC business, i know he means well because its so stressful and can cause alot of heartache so i see where he is coming from.

    I think its a man thing. :\)

  • sometimes i feel like if the decision to have children was left up to the men the human race would die out. image I had to have long chats with my hubby about us ttc because he seemed to be putting barriers in the way, or giving a reason to hold off for a while. They worry a lot but don't talk about their fears (or mine does anyway).

    Sit down with him and have a talk, tell him how you feel and ask him to tell you honestly how he feels.

    Good luck. x
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