Does anyone elses OH...

...have trouble ejectulating (sp) with all the pressure of ttc?
Before it is suggested that it is a mental thing and he may not be ready for a baby it has crossed my mind but it was his idea to start now.

Was just wondering how common it is xxx


  • Dh always had trouble with this even before we started ttc. The last week has been a bit better, I just made him understand that he doesnt need to worry about my pleasure. During ttc he is now going to do whatever helps him and not worry if I'm enjoying it.

    For my dh I don't think its anything mental or emotional. I think its physical. If he's too tired or just doesnt feel 100% it makes it harder for him to cum than others.
  • Thanks ladies. Yes he has always had a bit of trouble with it but we had a talk a few months ago and now he is alot better but I know now we are ttc he will feel the pressure again.

    I hope he doesnt as we concieved DD the day we thought we had missed ov and we were only bd because we wanted too :\)
  • babylove that was similar to when we concieved our DD. We did have some drink that night and decided just to go for it but there wasn't that much pressure cause we weren't 'offically' trying yet and I wasn't sure when I ov'ed. We got lucky that we concieved our first try, but now I do get worried that since we're actually trying it's going to be frustarating.
  • Hi ladies ive read this post and learnt a lot from it,. My husband has had a lot of problems not sure if you have seen my other posts. I have found that of late he has really stopped worrying about pleasuring me (i have no problems anyway! cum very fast) and think about himself and doing the deed. We have found talking really dirty helps too as it takes his mind of things, may be worth a try too! My husband loves it! after nearly 6mths of him being impotent we have tried this technique and except for this morning it has worked! going to try again tonight! xx
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