2ww and alcohol, feeling guilty!

What do ppl think about this? its the 2ww so there is a chance i could be pg right now, but had had a lot of events in the last week (hub's bday and hen do), so actually have ended up having a skinful in 3 nights out of 7...... not good. feeling guilty coz if turns out i'm preg then will have exposed baby to all that alcohol.

Part of me feels like life has to carry on, and sometimes can take quite a while to concieve so not drinking would mean not drinking for the last 2weeks of every month, which would be difficult considering the pressure is on and everytime i order a soft drink, friends pounce and accuse me of being pregnant!

the other part of me thinks i should know better, after mc in june, i should be careful, although didn't drink at all that time!!

its confusing really, part of me hopes i'm not preg this month due to excess alcohol and any potential damage!!

What do ppl think??

I would be interested to know, even if you think I should know better, coz will try harder next month

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  • I wouldn't worry about it noseyp, as you said you can't put your life on hold every 2 weeks and certainly for those of us ttc a long time it is not practical to do that. Also you have to keep in mind that during the 2ww you won't have implanted until nearer the end of those 14 days, you could implant anytime up to 9dpo, and even when you do implant a placenta is not formed for a while after that so there would be no alcohol getting to any potential fetus through your blood stream until after the placenta starts to form.

    Don't beat yourself up hun - you've done nothing wrong.

    Good luck. x

  • Hi hun
    I went to a bbq last friday and said i wasnt going to drink, i ended up really quite drunk. But i just thought well if it happens it happens, so i just went for it.
    I was due AF this friday just gone and was late, done a test yday and it was a BFP but i dont feel guilty for drinking last week,
    Havent drank anything at all this weekend, just soda water and juice.
    It will be fine, just drink lots of good things now lol.
  • thanks girls, nice to know your opinion and does make me feel better. back to hoping for BFP this month x x x
  • Hi hun,

    I think the best thing to keep in mind is all those women who get pregnant by accident and don't find out for ages, long after the 2ww - they have exposed their babies to all kinds of no nos and go on to have perfectly healthy babies with no problems whatsoever.

  • Hi hon, I got blotto the day before I tested with my son and did him no harm; besides which baby is apparently protected from that sort of thing in first few weeks anyway, so he/she wouldn't pick any of it up from you; its only one placenta kicks in fully that you have to be careful.

    So dont feel guilty, and as the others have said you cant put your life on hold 'just in case' good luck for your bFP xx
  • Hey noseyp! With my DD we tried for 18 months and were then told we'd need IVF. We went on hols and we drank and ate much more than usual and it turns out that's the month we conceived. I found that if you stop yourself doing things you only feel even more resentful if you don't get lucky that month. Enjoy and best of luck x
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