AF is due on 25th of feb, seems like such a longgggggg wait!!!! gunna try and behave tho and not test til 1st of march if AF dont arrive. I HATE WAITING!!!

good luck to all!!


  • hahaha I am cd9 and wanting this cycle to be over and bfp time lol image

    Best of luck to you xx
  • i know the feeling! im due saturday, if i dont get af by sat lunch and am not having any cramps i shall go get myself a CBD. i know ppl say there arent sensitive but the early ones say that in trials 99+% of women who were PG got a BFP on them from the day AF was due, so thats good enough for me! good luck!
  • its such a long wait!! good luck to you, hope you get your BFP! knowing me i will end up testing early with a fist response as i wont be able to wait!!!
  • Me too, this is my first month off the pill, CD27 today so AF should show in the next few days (last time I came off pill fell back into normal cycle pretty quickly so expecting the same this time), however I really dont want her to show! Had 3/4 days of spotting last week, not sure what that was about. Fingers crossed for a BFP but it will be a huge shock if it happens! Good luck ladies image
  • Im the same im on CD13 and I just wanna test now, not too sure when AF is due as had implant out on 6th Feb - gonna wait till 1st March though as I know its just far too early to test now - boo hoo xxx
  • I know the feeling!! I'm about 7 days late for AF now and have lost count of the amount of BFN's, it's the first time I have EVER been late and I just don't know how much longer this cycle is going to go :cry:
  • I know exactly how you feel i am due on 24th feb so only a day before and i am trying my best not to test until atleast the day af is due...but i doubt il last that long!! lol
  • I want to test now but I know that would just be ridiculous considering ive only been ttc 1 week lol I hope im a lucky one and get caught early on, cos i dont think i can handle the pressure every month lol xxxx

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  • hi my af is due mon 22nd feb ive got a good feeling but you never know. i cant wait ive done some early testing and bfn but i know that was way to early anyway just like poas. ha xxx
  • my AF is due any day now. 2x BFN so far - so just waiting for her to show !! Hurry up and show so I can start tryin again goddammit ! lol !
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