Off Cilest Pill - how long is it in my system?

Hello ladies and maybe gents too??
I am new to this site and TTC. I have came off the combind pill, Cilest, after being on it for only 3 months. I was wondering of anyone knows how long it floats about your system for? I also wondered if the more or less time you are on it makes a difference to length of time it takes to concieve. I know we are all different but and advice more than welcome!

Pamela xx:roll:


  • Hi Pnut, I'm sorry but I think the honest answer is... we're all different. From reading around this forum the last few months, some ladies have been on the exact same pills for similar lengths of time and some get pg straight away and some it takes months to get their cycles back. Not what you want to hear, but it really doesn't seem that the type of pill or how long you were on it for makes any difference. hope you're one of the lucky ones though!
  • I figured as much but thanks for taking time to reply. Fingers crosssed I am one of the lucky ones. Everything seems to be falling into place for me at the moment (which makes a change) so I have everything crossed that this will, too! Thanks again!

    Pamela xximage
  • I came off Cilest in Aug and my cycles were still funny the following Feb. Happily that's when we started "trying" and we conceived in March. I'd been on it for 3 years, and Microgynon for four years before that (with no break).

    Good luck!

  • hi i came off cilest at the end of april after bein on it for 3 months this time around had my withdrawal bleed then had my normal af at 31days when im normaly 28-29 day cycle
  • There's a thread about delayed periods after coming off the pill on here (somewhere!) but the rule seems to be: this is no rule. Each one of us is different. x
  • hi. i came off cilest after 7 years. had my withdrawal bleed and fell preg the same month with my lo. i have back on it since she was 3 months and due to finish at the end of this month. the other girls are right everyone differet. im also hoping to be lucky second time around
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