Help me stay strong!

I'm 11dpo tomorrow and currently trying to stop myself testing in the morning! I know I shouldn't and promised i wouldn't but I just want to know... Please stop me! X


  • DO NOT TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is that any help? lol! please wait till 14DPO, r u sure on ur ov dates? r u using opk's? x
  • Thanks PrincessA! It does help a bit I just don't really have anyone to alk to in the real world as we are not telling people, and dh thinks I'm obsessed! I didn't use opks this month but had lots of ewcm followed the next day by quite sharp side based ov pain so I feel quite sure , but I could be completely wrong!!! How are you doing this month ? X
  • not well, i think im 10/11DPO?!?! dont really have any inclining if i could be or not, lots of cramps and twinges and discharge, but thats all. not even sure when i will test???? dont know about my cycles yet! x
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