Do ppl really OV twice? TMI


Just a little question i know ive heard on here that people OV twice sometimes, but i did OV at the end of Jan, and now im waiting for AF to arrive and im getting loads of EWCM and cloudy CM. I never get alot of CM (not even when i OV) so im wondering if im OVing again?

Last month i had a 45 day cycle and i normally have a 35 day cycle. I OVd at the time when id think with a 14 day LP i was about to have AF. If i was having a 45 day cycle OVing now would also make some sense...i hope ive explained that well enough!!!

I dont have any OPKs as i used them all up, so i dont know at all....and im broke now!!!

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  • Hi Homefairy,

    In answer to your question - yes! Some ladies do ovulate twice - this is how fraternal (not identical) twins come into being image

    BUT, you cannot ovulate at seperate times during your cycle. IF you are going to ovulate twice (release 2 eggs) then it will be within 24 hours of each other - not days or weeks later.

    I have fraternal twins and when I was in the early stages of pregnancy with them the sonographer could tell which one had implanted sooner and so could theorise which egg was first :\)

    EWCM late in your cycle could mean pregnancy - when are you due to test?

    I have increased CM (not a lot of it - but more than I normally have) and I just got my BFP last wednesday!

    Fingers crossed for you image
  • Thank you,
    Oh i understand now how twins are made!!! I honestly didnt know!! I only found out a little while ago that identical twins dont have to run in families!! D'oh!!

    AF was due yesterday but im just waiting for her now. I tested with a FR on Wed (not FMU) BUT it was deffo a BFP, not even my crazy staring could i pretend anyother line was there.

    Think i'll just wait a little while longer-i was more scared incase i missed when i was OVing-but i know for sure i got lots of + with my OPK, i didnt want to go into another month of waiting for AF and it coming super late!!

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  • hmmm, just did a test and it was a BFN, maybe i just get weird CM. As i dont really get too much anyway.

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  • I've seen something about natal ovulation phase or something which apparently means you OV when the moon is the same as when you were born?? Wasnt too sure whether this was just a load of crap or not though! x
  • second what lilylilac has said,ive also got non id twins :lol:

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