Feel like crying....

...had done so well this month. No symptom spotting or charting but it just all feels different this month. Im convinced we havent done it yet on the other hand think we must have. Im 13dpo so not due on until Weds. Just did a test (shouldnt have but thought I would) and it was a bfn. I just hate this waiting game and these next 2 days will feel like an eternity constantly thinking about it and visiting the loo hoping I dont find AF on one hand yet on the other hand hoping I do so I dont have to keep thinking am I, arent I!

I just wish I knew....
Why I cramped yesterday when I havent had a period cramp in the 12 years ive had periods (albeit was on the pill for 9 of them!)?
Why I am not spotting a few days before af like normal?
Why I am wet down there and why it smells like period (it actually smells like the last day of my af usually does)?

Argh dont you just hate our bodies!

Congrats to all you bfp's this month!

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  • Bless you hunny, this TTC lark is such an emotional rollercoaster, it can really get to you some days. I know it may be easy to say, but do try and stay positive, you just have to think that if AF does show then, onwards in July and just keep trying.
    It may still have been too early for test, don't forget it aint over until AF rears her ugly head!!
    You have done the right thing, don't bottle up yor emotions we are all here for you, just hope it wont be too long before you get your BFP. sending you lots of PMA and baby dust xx


  • hiya i feel the same as you, i got all the same symptoms and i just cant stop myself from keep testing only to get a bfn, the days seem to drag on dont they, i hope all us ttc get bfp this month coming xx lots of babydust xx
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