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Cramping! AF or BFP? UPDATE

Hi ladies im posting for a friend as she is slighlty confused.
Her last 2 cycles were 28 days long. Before that she had the coil. Her af was due last friday and still no sign. She is however getting cramps and has been since friday. She is also getting the feeling af has come but when goes to the toilet nothing.

Now I have been a BE member for a long time and I have given her my opinion that im 95%sure she is preggers but she doesnt believe me and wont test. She says there is no way she can be cramping like this and not get af.

So please tell my friend what you all think and I will show her this thread.

Thanks ladies xxx


Well she gave in and tested this morning and got one big BFP!!!! So pleased for her. We had a chat and realised the only difference from last time is her OH has quit smoking since and I really believe that has made the difference.
Thanks for youe replies xxx

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  • I always used to get cramps before my AF was due and when I got my BFP in July I was sure AF was going to arrive as got the same cramping and no other symptoms to make me think i was pregnant. But lo and behold I was pregnant and am now 15 weeks gone!

    I would say test so she knows for sure xx

    Good luck xx
  • i have got 3 girls and i had the feeling af was coming every time! so i would definatly tell to test!! xx
  • Thanks ladies, I will show her this post and can I add she got a faint +ive on a opk which I know can detect HCG image
  • my first pregnancy i had the worst AF cramps in my life,i had to breath throw the pain,i thought it was AF on her way,so took a hpt to check and was very suprised to get a bfp
  • Congratulations to your friend!!!
  • ooh congrats to her!
  • Congratulations to her. That gives me hope. Im having major stomach cramping. I really feel like The worst AF ever is on her way, but nothing yet. x
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