I did a test. What an idiot!!

Well I did one yesterday night before due to go out as I thought if was preg then would def not drink, but it was a huge negative. I used a first response 6 day early test. I could be due on anytime from now until Thursday. However, I think I may have only been about 9 days post ov anyhow soo.........any chances I could still be preg ladies?
I went really moody and am ashamed to say drank loads last night but nosign of af and in theory have had cycles this short. Keep googling to find out about implantation etc and maybe it has only just implanted or hasn't yet? Or maybe just not preg this month?
Hmm can you see how obsessed I am?!!!
Congrats to all the bfp this morning just sad I couldn't join you x


  • The early tests don't work for everyone...if you look at the box I'm sure its only something like 50% get a BFP 6 days early so you're still in with a chance image

    Fingers crossed for you x
  • Thanks girls. Am still hoping. But thinking positively that if not this month then if it's next month than that is a lovely Christmas baby.
  • I had two BFNs at the start of the week and got a BFP on Saturday. I just ovulated later in my cycle than normal this month. Fingers crossed for you. xx
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