FAO Camlo

Hey Honey

I havent seen you on and was thinking of you yesterday. I hope everything went ok.

Lots of love jen xx


  • Bumping up to top xx
  • sorry to butt in jen24 but if talking about scan it was fine. If you go to nov forum and look under fao camlo from lisajo will tell you her story.
    Filo x
  • Thanks filo i was speaking too her at the begining of the week and i know she was worried. So please everything is ok and glad tom is all better too.

    Hey Filo missing you, how you doing?

    jen xx
  • well am feeling quite sick at the moment, but i tell you whilst i still feel like this it takes my mind off worry of mc. Still cant wait to get to 12 weeks. Had scan wed as had some pain but think that was IBS and have had none since. Am nearly 8 weeks now but scan shows am slightly more. Am off on holiday on monday for short break and cant wait need to relax!!
    Hope you are feeling a little better too and positive about ttc. PMA and babydust liberally sprinkled for you.
    Filo x
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