She's found me..... Darn it - Bad period pain, help!

Hi All,

Well after 4 days being late with AF it decided to show up today. My dh really thought this was our month but obv not

Feeling pretty crappy today but not letting it get me down. I set the M button again on CBFM so back to square 1, lots more bding he he

Today I had excrutiating period pain like never before, I couldn't sit down when I got to work coz it was that bad and I had the runs (sorry tmi) took a tablet and that seems to have eased it but not sure why I had it that bad

Has anyone else experienced really bad period pain before when they don't normally?


  • oh hun. im sorry the witch has found you. I have no idea why your AF should be more painful than before but I didnt want to read and run.
    Take it easy hun xxx
  • HI Maddie2008

    sorry to hear she has found you - she truly is a nasty one. I get bad period pains and only use nurofen and a hot water bottle. A nice hot bath can help too but obviously you can stay in there all day otherwise you'll end up a bit like a prune! There are some tablets you can take for period pain but I tried them once and had a bad reaction to them.

    Sorry not much help but i do sympathise with you as it's not nice to feel like that. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Sorry she found you. Good that you have some PMA and hopefully this will be your month. I get very bad period pain on the first day of af and before i had lo they were excruciating and i really had a tough time with them. All you can do is let it ease off naturally or take some paracetemol and curl up in a ball. Not sure why you have it this month when you normally dont sorry x good luck
  • I completely sympathise. Some months hurt more than others for me. Keep your tummy warm - a hot water bottle helps - and take some paracetamol. Just keeping warm and cosy makes it feel a bit better. Hope the pain goes away soon. xxx
  • Hi,

    I recently was about 10 days late (thought I was pg), then AF showed and it was the worst I;d had for a long time. Pain was bad, really heavy and longer than normal. Friend told me that it could be that you were nearly pg, but didn't hold.

    Good luck next month.
  • I have experienced what aspen mentioned.
    Had THE worst AF pains ever and it lasted longer than normal and was v heavy. Went to gp who did internal examination and said I had had v v v early 'mc' Happens all the time but most people don't even realise.
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