CD 37, No sign of AF and no BFP


I made a post few days ago about being on CD 34 and no sign of AF, Well i'm on CD 37 and theres still no sign of my AF coming at all, infact my AF symptoms have disappeared.
It could be just the fact that my AF's are trying to get sorted but Ive had 5 AF's since ive finished the pill thats including the withdrawal bleed.

After my withdrawal bleed :

28 day cycle - 1 day bleed
76 day cycle - Normal ( 5 - 6 days for me )
42 day cycle - Normal + ( Spotting 6 days after normal flow )
34 day cycle - Normal (Last AF)

I ovulated on the 26th december and i know i definately did as i had very bad Nausea all day so much that it woke me up and i almost vomited a couple of times. Had a few cramps too, so i know i definately ovulated. Boxing day of all days, i couldnt eat anything all day.

I have done a test with a CB, I didnt have any Superdrug ones left and found the CB on top of my bathroom cabinet. I did it first thing yesterday and it was BFN, So i dont really get it.
By looking at my cycles i just presumed that my cycle days were going to get shorter so thats why im just wondering and ive been having a few dizzy spells. Had a big nasty dizzy spell few days back at work kinda scared me abit, never had one before,

Ive made a appointment to see my dr on wednesday because ive been getting really bad spots lately and i cant control them so as im going to the dr's anyway ill have a chat with him about it IF my AF doesnt turn up between now and then.



  • CD 38

    I went out last night with my hubby and friends bowling and after 1 game i got so tired, infact i felt shattered before i even went out. It usually takes about 6 vodka and oranges to get me a little tipsy, not drunk just tipsy, well i only had 2 and it was getting to my head already, i felt like a right lightweight, lol. Still no AF and no AF symptoms still.
    Not particulary been getting my sore boobs or nipples but my hubby 2 weeks ago walked in on me whilst i was in the bath, (cheeky sod) and he noticed that 1 (only 1) boob was bigger and a couple of times i felt aches by my right boob under my armpit, its been the same ache that i had when my nymph gland swelled up under my armpit.

    What the heck is going on with me? It seems to me that everything is there for a definate BFP.

    Also i forgot to ask ive never had a test done by the drs. If my AF does not turn up, i will have a test by the drs on wednesday, now is this a blood or urine test?

    Thanks for your help
  • His Mrs PinkPlayboy,

    Sorry to hear your body is confusing you hun.

    Have you tried testing with a more sensitive test maybe a Superdrug own hpt as these are 10miu and CB are 100miu or something like that so they tend to work further on in pregnancies.

    I would just suggest to keep testing every couple of days until/if af arrives.

    I think your doctor will prob do a urine test with you and if still negative maybe a blood test.

    My doctors said they dont do blood tests anymore and said I had to wait and see if I get my next period as I had a bit of a weird on/off af in Dec which ruined my xmas a bit!!

    Keep us posted and see what the doc says, fingers crossed its a shy one!

  • Hiya, don't know the answer to the dr question unfortunately but didn't want to r&r but I would deffo ask the dr for a blood test. good luck and keep us posted !!
  • Thanks for your replies. image

    Looks like im gonna have to hold my urine, that is going to be hard, Ill try not to go for at least 3 hours, its gonna be difficult especially when im at work.
    How do they do urine tests there? is it just peeing in a pot and using something similar to HPT's?
    And if that comes up neg he might suggest a blood test hopefully.

  • Hi MPP

    Yes they will ask you to pee in a pot and do a hpt there i think they use clearblue ones, if that fails they might refer you for a blood test.

    Good luck hun x
  • Hi MPP

    Yes they will ask you to pee in a pot and do a hpt there i think they use clearblue ones, if that fails they might refer you for a blood test.

    Good luck hun x
  • Oh great that will give me a BFN result then.
    Oh well i'll wait and see and keep you posted.

    Thanks for your help though
  • Good Luck MPP!

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