OK I am officially CRAZY ! LOL

Right, I am going to sound really silly now so just bear with me : )

Coming off the pill next week. And have been doing LOADS of reasearch and reading all the posts on here and joining in conversations for support and advise and its been great, but I have sooo much info in my hear that I already think I could be preggers !

3 weeks ago I was on antibiotics and I missed one pill, and we still carried on having sex (well no point in worrying about it as we are ready to TTC now). And with all the info and symptoms you ladies keep having, I have somehow convinced myself I am having these symptoms too ! Last night I had wind and convinced myself it was something to do with babies, I had heartbearn yesterday and my boobs were hurting and I felt sick ! and I kept thinking It could be !

I think I am reading faaar too much into all of it at the mo cos i'm not even trying yet and no one is that lucky! LOL ! I know I am 99% sure I am not preggers, but cant stop thinking bout it !!

need to stop myself going stir crazy over it all, cos if I am like this when I'm not even trying properly, can you imagine what i'll be like in a few weeks/months !!

Anyone else got the crazy thing going on?? HELP !


  • I did this in Dec! I was feeling a bit ropey anyway, thought it was just down to coming off the Pill and my body adjusting, but then I spent ages on here comparing my symptoms to everyone elses, especially those lovely ladies who had just got their BFPs! I too convinced myself that hubby and I were being watched over by a superb guardian angel who had decided to give us a bean!! Oh I was soooo wrong!! It is so easy to do it though, especially as AF symptoms are so similar to BFP symptoms... :roll:
    Welcome to the crazy world of Symptom Spotting!!! x x
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