Need opinions please ladies...


So we started TTC about 3 months ago and now i find myself excited but confused! lol Last AF finished 14/04, my cycle is regular as clockwork and yet AF hasn't shown her ugly head. So I'm kind of bouncing off the walls with excitement but at the same time confused because all i've been getting are BFN's on home tests so yesterday went to the doctors and just got a BFN back from them too image

Is it possible that for some reason my cycle has just gone crazy for some reason or (fingers crossed) that i have a lil bean but concieved so close to my non appearing AF that the hormones just arent strong enough to show up yet?

I'm going crazy!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for the positive but so scared of getting my hopes up i'm floating around the negative, think i'm going insane! What would you do?


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