Does anyone know how to upload pics - photobucket from phone


Can anyone tell me how to send photos to photobucket to put them on here, i have pics of tests but they arent photographing very well at all but want to know for when I get a CBD so I can post that



  • Hiya image,

    Ive never done it sorry, coz i always bluetooth mine across from my phone.

  • Hi MPP

    How do you bluetooth them across hun

    You will be joining us soon I feel it in my water!

  • I hope your water is right, hehe.

    I use a bluetooth stick, i just plug it in my laptop and connect my phone to it.

  • Ah Im not that resourceful hun!! damn it I dont have one of them sticks!!

    Yes you will be joining me very soon chick.

    The lines have had on all 9 tests are only v.faint but I can make them out. I have photos of them but i can find out how to put them on here!! grr....

    Think I will just have to wait a few days and be patient. I feel like I am so we will wait and see

  • you need to put the pic from your phone onto your pc using the cable that comes with your phone. once uploaded to your docs, go into photobucket and upload your pic onto photobucket. then right click on your pic you want to post on here choose properties this will then show you a code which should start with hppt (or similar). highlight the full code and copy.

    back into baby expert and paste your code into a reply post. highlight again the full code and click the Img button at the top of the reply and that should do it.

    show us yer pics x
  • Thanks I will in a bit just found my phone cable etc

  • Hi hun

    I cant find the option to upload via mobile whereabouts on photobox is it?

  • Thanks hun the pics I have are blurred so will wait until I get a better line before posting thanks for all your help

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