Period when pregnant?????

Hi, ive just been talking to my friend and she said i could still be pregnant even though i came on yest. thing is my period is very light both today and yest (nothing on the pad just when i wipe although not always - sorry tmi), then it is pinky not very dark. I came on yesterday morning/thurs night when i normally come on on the sat night/ sun morn. also i havent had any cramps etc. I was always very heavy before being on the pill then average whilst on the pill - never this light! Do you think i should take a test or will it be too early to tell?
has anyone ever had periods etc ehn pregnant? also i usually get stomach cramps when due on which were really bad before the pill?? do you think its just my body getting used to not being on the pill as i feel its a coincidence that its around the tme im due on?
thanks ladies xxx


  • hi there,

    you could be pregnant and spotting but it wouldn't be a period. Some women spot during their entire pregnancy... If I were you, I'd do a test just to put your mind at ease.

  • Hi,

    You can have a breakthrough bleed in the first month of pg when your usualy period would be due. Perhaps you should test? Its the only sure way to find out.
  • Hiya, g/c here - I had a full blown period when I was pregnant with my first. A lot of women think you can't have periods when you're pregnant but you sure can! It was only after my scan that we realised I'd been pregnant before hand and questioned the period with the midwife and she agreed you can have them.

    My mam was almost 5 months pregnant with my sister before she found out because she kept having periods, and hers are crippling, heavy, crampy things that have her laid up in bed!!

    Yours sounds less like a proper period and more like implantation or breakthrough bleeding as the others have said, or it could be your bodies attempt at a period. I'd test if I were you just to make sure!!

    Good luck!
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