I need help, Im POAS mad! :lol:

Im in need of serious help, hehe, Think im gonna be in the same boat as you SD and probably gonna get sectioned soon. :lol:

Honestly I only bought 4 twin packs of hcg sticks in wilkos on friday, which in total there is 8 sticks, ive used 4 already! Because of faint lines i went into town and bought some more and your not gonna believe it but 4 more SD and 4 FRER hpts. I cant help it with the FRER, they had an offer on image.

So..... In 4 days in total i have purchased 16 of the damn things. God sake! image

My name is Chelle and im now officially ...............



  • He he so funny lol

    How many faint lines have you had now and since when? when was your last af due?

    I would honestly go back to the docs and tell them to do a blood test you never know you could be pregnant but also driving yourself mad at the same time.

    Dont worry i will save you a bed next to me in the funny farm he he

  • errm Not including the lines ive had to squint for i would say i have had 4 faint lines. I SD, 1 FRER and 2 of these wilko ones.

    Last time i got the faint SD and faint FRER was...... i wrote it in my diary so i didnt forget. I got them on the 30th of april and then i started the spotting for 9 days and dont know if that was AF or not so put it down as possible chemical. It started 1st of may then finished the 9th, i cant see how i can get faint lines now if that was my AF, it would be too early.
    I havent had a change of CM for ages. Its been creamy and wet for about 6 weeks.

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