Still no smiley

Hi Girls,

CD 19 and still no sign of my smiley using CB. :\(
It's really starting to get me down each time I have to test and get a nothing because I was positive that a week ago I had all the symptoms of ov ( cramp on one side, ewcm, sore breasts etc). I started using cheap internet opk but then switched to CB and usually test in afternoon at same time. Would FMU be better?
I came off pill in Dec but I am generally like clockwork when it comes to AF. Is it common for this to happen? Is anyone else going through the same hard time finding ov time?
Feeling a bit sorry for myself and lonely. Have no-one I can chat to about it really so would really appreciate any advice that you girls could give.

Should I keep testing this month? Af should be dropping by around 18th March! Have bought a CBFM which is on the way but I really don't want to miss the opportunity this month if it is still possible. ;\)



  • Hi hun,

    Sorry to hear you haven't had your smiley yet, how long are your cycles?

    Have you tested just incase you are already pregnant?

    Sorry I cant be of much help only used CBD this month and I got my smiley on sunday after using up a box of OPK's and then had to buy some more. Think I was just testing too early.

    Good luck and babydust to you xx
  • Hi SD,

    Thanks for replying. I think I needed a bit of moral support more than anything and a friendly ear!
    I never expected this to be such a waiting game. Am totally disheartened. My cyles are usually about 30/31 days long. I think I will keep testing just in case I ov late but I doubt it. Have sneaky feeling it already happened.
    Lots of baby dust to you too! Hope you get that BFP x:\)
  • Thanks Freckle hun, its so hard isnt it my cycles have varied last few months I used 7 opks and then ran out and had been having odd twinges and so when i went shopping I paid another 20 quid and got home poas expecting a negative and got my smiley.

    I do feel for you because I felt so down but trust me hun you will get that smiley and then its GAME ON!!!

    Keep me posted xx
  • Thanks SD! I think the hardest thing is that I have all the signs of ov but no smiley. Before I started testing I could have sworn every month I could feel when I was ov.
    I guess I need to have patience. I think it's funny though that this baby hasn't been concieved yet and I'm already down about ??200. But it will be well worth it when it happens.
    Fingers and toes crossed for you!

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