Early birthday present!

I've been more of a lurker than a poster but need to tell someone!!

Well it's my birthday on Saturday and after feeling a little odd over the weekend I tested this morning (2 days early - naughty me).


The line came up straight away, really strong. It doesn't seem real at the moment. Hubby looked at the big blue cross on the test (CB) and said "oh, you're not pregnant then" (I had just woken him up). I had to explain a couple of times before he got it and got excited.

I have been tired over the weekend, felt a little sick at times and cried to the Archers on Sun night! I also had an uncontrollable urge to redecorate the spare room (one wall now painted). A slightly odd thing - last weekend a lady I know slightly asked my friend if I was pregnant because she "had a feeling" - how witchy!!

We have been trying for 21 months and I had begun to think it probably wasn't going to happen for us. So don't give up hope all you folks who have been trying for ages (I never used to believe that when other people posted.


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