5 Natural Ways to Increase your Cervical Mucous

I found this on a web site this morning and so will be trying these out.

1. Drink green tea daily - There are no studies proving this, but I have read hundreds of women using green tea to increase CM with great success. Drink one cup a day from menstruation till ovulation.

2. Take Evening Primrose - Dose is 1500 - 3000 mg once daily. Take from your period till ovulation, than switch to flax seed oil. The dosage for increasing cervical mucous is initially 500mg, three times a day for a total of 1500mg per day. If you don't get results in your first cycle, increase your dosage to 3,000 mg a day in your next cycle. Evening Primrose Oil can cause uterine contractions in pregnancy, which is why you should not take it past ovulation (in case you get pregnant.)

3. Take Fertile CM - This is a supplement blend that helps to increase CM, increase libido and promote egg implantation. Take 3 capsules daily.

4. Use Pre-seed right before intercourse - Pre-seed is a sperm friendly lubricant that mimics cervical fluids and creates a sperm friendly PH. It comes in single use applicators you use right before intercourse.

5. Drink a lot of water through out the day - This may be all you need, drink more water. Regardless if you use any of the supplements to help, you must drink enough water for your body to be able to make cervical mucous



  • Good tips K. I like green tea so may start drinking it again, then all I wont be doing is the fertileCM. xx
  • I am having a cup now will try a cup of day though it is sooo nasty!!!!!! I hate the taste it better work LOL

    K xx
  • I found it sort of grew on me and I got to like it. You can get it with lemon which you may find better.xx
  • thanks k-lou ill give some of them a try got green tea here so ill have one now im off to buy epo later
  • i bought EPO got the 1000mg though have read you can take up to 3000mg. I will start with these and see how it goes and if there is no change then next month will take more.

    I am struggling with the green tea.

    I am also going to order some pre seed i have heard such good things about it image

    k xx
  • i think ill start with the 1000mg this month just to c if it helps at all i dont mind the green tea plus got some with lemon here too not sure about the pre seed oh said he dont think we need it so maybe next month
  • Twinings green tea with cranberry is lovely - less bitter than pure green tea (I am a green tea fan though!)
  • Thanks for the info, very interesting. I drink loads of green tea already, replaced my coffee with it (sure miss my coffee tho!) but didnt know it was meant to help with cm.

    I was taking epo too, but as I dont know where I am with my cycle at the mo, I dont want to risk taking it again until after af.

    What is fertile cm tho? never heard of that. Is the info from an American site? x
  • Thanks K-lou! x
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