CD15 and CBFM is still low!! :\?

Hey ladies,

This is my first month using CBFM and I'm on cd15 and it's still showing low fertility!!

Will I get a high or peak soon??? I keep thinking Tmrw! but it doesn't happen!!

Please tell me think is perfectly normal and something will happen soon!!

What are your experiences of this? Are there any late ov'er out there and when do you get your high/peaks??

Thanks in advance - friday, yay!!

Amber xx


  • Hi Amber156,

    Dont panic!!! I got my peak on cd 15 which is much later than I thought it would be as I have 27-30 day cycles. Also I went straight from low to peak! Just have faith, that little machine wont let you down!! xx
  • Thanks jonzemonkey, I know I'm just panicing, it's so frustrating!!

    Gotta be a high tmrw!! xx
  • Hiya, Its my first month using CBFM and on CD19 and still low so really know how you feel!
  • Oh no!! Bless you! Do you normally ov late or is this a bit of a surprise?

    I think I ov'd cd18 last month so should get some action soon hopefully!! xx
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