Waiting for AF!!

Morning girls, - what a rubbish day i got soaked coming into work this morning!!

Ok well I finished my pill this Monday just gone image very exciting and now just waiting for AF to come. I am a little worried as I missed last month and am hoping not to miss this month as that will mean there is something wrong with me and it will stop us from trying till I get that sorted out.

If I do get AF (which I am hoping will come ASAP) then when I finish it will mean we can at last start trying woo hoo.

Can I asked what is your cervix meant to be like throughout the month. Last night mine was very high and I could not really feel it to be honest with you?? Though this is only the second time EVER I have checked it so have no idea what the hell i am looking for LOL

Also TMI sorry but my cm was wet and sticky as well?? Like i did the between the fingers and it was stretchy, i thought it only went like that when you were OV but i am now due on this week so am a little confused?

Sorry for asking so many questions

k xxxxxx


  • Thank, met hubby for lunch today and he has told me off and said i am not to look up anything else regarding babies and that I am not allowed to talk about babies till AF arrives image ooops

    k xxxxxx
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