Hey Ladies
Well as a few of you know im from Australia. so its 1.46am. The past week or so i have been getting really bad nightmares, the ones you wake up and your shaking and cant get back to sleep. My partner and i went to see 'Paranormal Activity' the begining of last week. It took me 3 days to get over that. Now i've been home alone for 6 days and every night i get these horrible dreams.

anyone know what this means? (sorry its not about pregnany)


  • it could be a sign of pregnancy! but i also saw that and it effects phcholically! i woke up at 3.00am everymorning! xx
  • Well vivid dreams are a sign of pregnancy! Although, i have also been having bad dreams lately - had an awful one the other night where my OH DIED!!
    Could be stress I suppose but I really hope it's the first!!!
  • really? a sign of pregnancy how? yeah its not a good movie to watch and then be alone for 2 wks
  • lol I quit my job no stress here.. Can u get them from getting too hot at night?
  • Hmm I dunno that never happens over this end of the world lol!
    My whole family in OZ at the moment they struggling with the heat a bit.
    I used to get nightmares when I was too cold?
  • lol yeah its hot over here atm,hmm i wish i knew what is was so i could get some sleep
  • I get nightmares if I eat cheese too close to bedtime. Have you been eating cheese?
  • lmao that's really funny, nope no cheese for me
  • Funny you should say that, I had the most horrendous nightmare last night that men broke into the house and grabbed me by the ankle and pulled me out from my bed... then I woke up in a cold sweat and heard noises downstairs, it was only the cat jumping about but I was terrified! I'm a week late for AF so it could be connected, don't know. I've definitely heard that nighmares are associated with early pregnancy.
  • I've had some really vivid dreams for the past few days before my BFP a couple of days ago, and I'm still getting them! I do quite often have funny dreams though so it may just be a coincidence!

    K x
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