A little question...

Hi girls

Just a quick question, I got a positive on my ov test today so does that mean I'm ovulating today or will be tomorrow??

I'm sure this has been asked before so sorry if you are all tired of answering!

Thanks for any help xx


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  • Hi,

    It could be anytime now, you normally OV 24 - 36 hours after your positive I think, but I would start BD now if I were you......

    Good Luck!

  • Thanks chocolatemuffin, we have been BD every other day this week but think I'll pounce on him a few more times today and tomorrow then just to be sure :P xx
  • I think the opk's are designed to detect a surge up to 48 hrs before hand so any time within the next 2 days. It may vary between opks though. Are there any instructions with yours?
  • You go for it Huni!!!

    :lol: :lol: ;\)
  • It says on the pack that "conception is most likely to occur within 36 hours of the surge of LH" but then I started confusing myself so just wanted to double check with you ladies :P xx
  • Hi Huni - pounce on him for the next 2-3 days and that should cover everything lol!!!!
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