Slight cramping in the 2ww?

I got a positive opk on Thursday so should be 3dpo. Today I've had mild cramping and I just wondering if this is normal (this is my first 2ww since coming off pill). I know it's too early for pregnancy symptoms but wondered if anyone else has had this after ovulation? xx


  • yes hun ive had af like cramps yesterday 5dpo, xx
  • Thanks for replying! I was getting worried that maybe the opk had been wrong and i was ovulating now or something!! Fingers crossed it's all ok...and that in 2 weeks time we'll both be getting our bfp's! Good luck!! xx
  • I too am 3dpo and for first time ive been having cramps in my lower abdomen. Really hard to explain but sometimes it feels like ov pain from ovaries like a sharp pain that goes within a second but now it has moved to the middle and is more dull. i am also very gassy. Trying not to read too much into it tho as cant set myself up for yet another bfn x
  • Hi I just wanted to add that I too have had af type pains as if she is coming and am 2/3 dpo.

    Fingers crossed its good news xx
  • sounds very positive!! i hope you all get your BFP's xxxxxxxx
  • I'm really confused because not only have I had the cramps but also had a tiny bit of ewcm this evening and I didn't notice it in the last few days. So hubby got an extra bd tonight and hopefully we've covered all possibilities!!! Really hoping for a birthday bfp on 30th!! xx
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