Can someone put my mind at rest??? I cant be can I ??


I am due to come off the pill tomorrow to start TTC.

I was on antibiotics over Xmas and missed a pill, and we had sex during this time.

This passed week I have had the following symptoms, and these are symptoms I have not had before !
Bloated (my tummy seems a little swollen and a little hard)
Light tummy ache (just left of my belly button mainly)
I came over sick and dizzy today like I was going to throw up and/or faint
Sore left breast ( and a little on my right)
Wind (sorry if tmi lol)
General moodyness too!

Now this is all a little spooky to me, but it could be my mind playing massive tricks on me ! Could I be pregnant??? This happend to anyone else? Just seems a little freaky to me and I am starting to driive myself up the wall thinking I could be ! xx


  • No offence but the only way to know is to do a test!!!! Symptoms can sometimes be anything, we all get PG symptoms here then AF arrives half the time so only a blood test at your docs or a HPT will tell you.

    Good Luck x
  • definately, antibiotics make the pill less effective plus u missed one

  • I want to take a test, but hubby wants me to wait and see if AF comes this Sunday as normal before taking one as he thinks its in my head.

    Dont really want to take one in secret either as want I want to be with hubby when I take my tests image
  • I would def do a test. Unfortunately when I came off the pill I had pretty much all of those symptoms, but u say ur not due to finish the pill till I would do a test!
  • Hi

    I know its hard, but just try to wait! as you said you want to be with hubby! so give it till sunday, if no AF the do a test!! image

    good luck hun!!

    Lucy xx
  • If your AF isn't due until Sunday it will probably be way to early to test. so perhaps wait until then ... welcome to TTC! xx
  • Grrr you are too sweet if it was me id say sod hubby!!!teehee!! But you are obv much kinder and if it is a BFP then it'll be ten times nicer with him, if it was by yourself that would be a tough thing to tell him.
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