another CM question!.....

Hiya, so i got EWCM yesterday afternoon. then BD'd last night, just b4 we BD'd i noticed a change in my CM, it went back to the usual cloudy sticky stuff. does this mean ive already OV'd or about too? im hoping we caught some of the EWCM!? so fingers crossed, im hoping we BD'd at the right time? xxxx


  • I am sure you will have. Are you using anything else to track your cycle? What CD are you? How long are your cycles?
  • hiya mrsmel thanks for replying, well i came off my pill end of jan, and had a normal 28 day cycle, but then had a few 12 day cycles, this is the first time ive OV'd since coming off the pill, im now on CD10. i do remember b4 i went on the pill my cycles were about 25 days, so that makes sense if i OV'd today or yesterday. not using anything at the mo, im just trying to follow my body. so im hoping ive OV'd today, i have had a few tummy pulls so i reckon that was OV!? what u reckon???/ xxxxxxx
  • yeah i have tummy twinges when i ov. Just keep bd x i was old the more the better. I am just starting 2ww!
  • me too, i think woohoo! so i think im 1DPO today! yippee! i no its way too early, but i keep accidentally brushing past my nipples, just to see if theyre hurting... theyre not lol, wishful thinking i suppose LOL xxxxxx
  • Hi me, I think we are close in our cycles, I have just posted a thread 'obssessed' explaining my cycle but I think I ov'd either Sat or sun as I saw EWCM. We BD both days so now I am around 2 or 3 DPO I think. I HATE the wait and am so desperate to find out if It has worked this month.

    Sticky baby dust to you, maybe we will both have good news this month!!!

  • lol *me*, check again image

  • thanks jaquid i hope so too! and riham i did check again, had no more since then? must of OV'd quite quicly after EWCM which is not prob coz i think/hope we BD'd at the right time xxxxx
  • Fingers crossed for you *me* xxxxx
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